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Before buying a medication, be aware of the red strip made on it

Before buying a medication, be aware of the red strip made on it

When you buy a medicine from a medical store, some medicines are such that there is no specific mark on them, and there are some medicines that have special targets such as a red line, Rx or NRx.  .  All these traces have meaning.  If you buy and use this medicine without a prescription of a doctor, then you may have many side effects.
There is a big talk about medicines received from medical stores.  Do you see a red strip on medicines but do you know what this bar means?  There are many types of assumptions about people that need to be removed.

Most of the time you have taken medicines from a medical store and have seen a red strip made in it.  When you buy any such medicine that has a red strip, it means that this medicine can not be sold or used except for a doctor's prescription.
When you buy a medicine from a medical store on which Rx is written, Rx means that you use these drugs only according to the advice of the doctor and if you take these medicines without the advice of the doctor, on which Rx is written  You can cause much damage.  If you find Rx written anywhere on medicines, then consult that first consult the doctor and then use this medication.  And if this is not done then the effect of this drug can cause a reaction to your body.

If you paid attention, the NRx is also written on medicines but do you know its meaning.  When you buy medicines from the medical store that NRx has written, it means that these drugs are narcotic and can only sell them, who have a license to sell it.  Now you also need to focus on these things before buying these drugs.
XRx is a drug that can sell the same doctor who has a license for this.  This drug can be given by the doctor directly to the patient.  The patient can not buy this medicine from any medical store, even if it has a prescription written by a doctor.
Now, when you buy any medicines from a medical store, look at the targets that are targeted at them, to see what kind of drugs these are.  And if possible, take medicines according to the doctor's advice.
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